Hello, thank you for your interest in me and my work. Who am I ?

The common property of unmarried girls around the world, the arsonist who is on a lifelong arrest warrant.

Wang Yikai is a self-proclaimed "Kowloon Mountain Man" and legal name is Ru Yi. He is the pioneer tractor driver of the times, a producer of field crops . In his spare time, his noble soul loves to concentrate on literature and art, also known as the reader in the silo, and has spent his life pursuing pure emotions above all love and desire. He has been a soul poet, yam egg writer, amateur director, media reporter, builder, web investor, programmer encourager, aesthetic appreciation instructor, and fantasist.

After the reform and opening up, he wandered around all corners of the prosperous first-tier cities in the "North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen" to pursue his dreams. Living in a combination of urban and rural areas, working in "dirty, hard, and tiring" assembly line jobs, he often struggled between his career and his burial love. He was named "People's Artist", but ridiculed himself as a "social vagabond".

Sorry to his fans, he chooses to be a low-profile Internet cafe manager. He does not want to stick to the rules of the world anymore, after all, he will achieve great success in whatever he does.

I am always open to Internet management, literary creation and new things. Let's work together!

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